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우연한 개입 (Bobby McFerrin - Say Ladeo)


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작은 키, 좀작살 나무라고 한다. 옆에 있는 키 큰 나뭇잎이 떨어져 앉아 있었다.

사진 찍을 때는 몰랐는데 (이런 식의 개입이 재밌을 때가 많다.)

뒷건물의 창에 반사된 햇빛이 보기 좋게 들어있었다.













Bobby McFerrin - Say Ladeo


Hey hey say Ladeo
Time for taking words away
The melody will tell the story
As we go along
Riding a wave of a thousand stories
Starlit journeys of morning glories
Where your long lost dreams are suddenly awake
Summoning a prayer didn`t even know was there
Say Ladeo
A song becomes a thousand songs
Hey hey say Ladeo
Time we took the words away













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